Recursos de Galicia is a mixed company, representative of the Galician society. This status exemplifies the collaboration between the public and private spheres advocated by the European Commission, strengthening the company while imparting the cross-cutting nature that makes it a national project.

With a 30% ownership stake, the Xunta de Galicia is the primary shareholder, thereby ensuring the preservation of public interest in the company within market dynamics.

The private sector is currently comprised of 32 companies of various kinds, supporting over 21,000 direct jobs and contributing more than 10.5 billion euros annually to the GDP of the community (14% of the total).

Model of cross-cutting collaboration and commitment to Galicia; the shareholders include:

The composition of this shareholding was achieved through an open, transparent, public, participatory, and uniform process of expressions of interest. As a condition, it was established that the decision-making centers of the companies should be located in Galicia, and their main revenues should not come from the energy sector.

The board of directors of RDG consists of 15 professionals, including the chairman, Manuel Galdo Pérez, and the CEO, Emilio Bruquetas Serantes. It is a diverse and proven body, with independent representation and inclusive of all types of shareholders.

Manuel Galdo Pérez
Chairman of RDG
Emilio Bruquetas Serantes