Directly or through special-purpose vehicles, RDG will invest in projects that will enable Galicia to progress in decarbonization, energy sovereignty, and the equitable utilization of its natural resources.

The company was established with a share capital of 15 million euros and firm commitments for disbursements totaling another 85 million over the next 5 years. It is expected to invest 250 million by 2027, with a potential mobilization in the vicinity of one billion euros.

From 2024, it will build a portfolio of generation assets. It will promote their sale at competitive prices, prioritizing customers located in close proximity to project locations, those for whom electricity is vital for viability, and those that generate higher gross value added in Galicia.

Additionally, Recursos de Galicia will promote sustainable mining, setting and increasing the industrial footprint of projects, thereby aiming to close cycles up to the final products within the territory.

Having its registered office in Galicia, RDG will pay taxes in the autonomous community, where it will also generate employment and make its decisions.

Galicians, initially through the Xunta and later directly, will have the opportunity to obtain an economic return on their investment in this company.

Very important and diverse businesses that require energy to remain competitive will also receive benefits and certain competitiveness assurances. This will enable the maintenance and creation of employment and, consequently, social well-being.

Within the geographical vicinity of the projects, local hiring of suppliers and workers will be encouraged.

We will provide a global vision of the sector and accelerate the industry-energy binomial.

This business model will stimulate the establishment in the market of the highest standards of impact in the territory.

In this section of the website, we will be adding the projects that we incorporate into our asset portfolio. It is expected that by 2027, this portfolio will consist of stakes in:


Onshore Wind



Biomethane Production