The time has come to harness our natural wealth and turn it into social wealth. With that philosophy, Recursos de Galicia (RDG) is born.

It is a pioneering mixed society in Spain that, without losing sight of the horizon of viability, has been created to guarantee the impact on the territory of the value generated by natural resources, the competitiveness of energy prices, and the decarbonization of the economy. In essence, it seeks to ensure that energy development is equitable and contributes to the progress of Galicia and its economic fabric, or in other words, that the benefits of harnessing our natural resources remain in the region. Hence, its motto: “Our resources, at our service.”

The company primarily focuses on three types of projects:

Projects for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Rights, concessions and mining exploitation projects.

Projects that require the use of water and other natural resources of Galicia.

The company will fulfill its function by implementing a series of measures, such as:

Community support

Seek support for projects among various social actors, particularly within the local communities where they will be established.

Local opportunities

Facilitate the involvement of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the projects, allowing them to capitalize on business opportunities that arise during their development.

Catalyst for the Resources Law

Act as a catalyst for the implementation of the future new law on natural resources, promoting the development of projects to which it applies, and fostering the creation of instruments and initiatives that serve as a reference for other stakeholders.

Sustainable energy

Promote self-consumption with renewable sources and energy efficiency in the productive sector of Galicia.

Local involvement

Promote the participation of local stakeholders in various stages of project development, whether as promoters, customers and/or users, suppliers, or investors.